DENFEL Optimization Suite

DENFEL Optimization Suite

One-click PC scan


  • Nice layout and look
  • Easy to use interface
  • Detailed explanations when problems are detected
  • Scans very quickly without slowing down other programs


  • When optimization button is clicked, program crashes

Very good

Ever wonder what types of files are lurking around your hard drive, taking up space and potentially causing problems? DENFEL Optimization Suite can answer this for you in one, simple click.

In one click, DENFEL Optimization Suite performs several scans on selected areas of your computer, called a Smart Scan. It first executes a disk performance and space scan, searching for junk files and folders, as well as finding fragments on your disk drive. Next, DENFEL Optimization Suite performs a security-related scan, searching for privacy traces in your internet files. It also scans for outdated and missing drivers. Lastly, registry-related problems, including errors and fragments, are located. This all occurs within the span of one or two minutes.

Once the scan is complete, you can click a link for more details on the problems DENFEL Optimization Suite has found. The program then suggests files it deems superfluous for deletion to help optimize the space on your computer's hard drive. The option to optimize your PC is available only on the full version of DENFEL Optimization Suite, which requires purchase. At the very least, you're made aware of potential problems at the outset.

My only one little gripe is that the program consistently crashes, should you happen to click the optimization button that is available only for paid users of the full version.

Overall, DENFEL Optimization Suite is a good program for quickly detecting problems that are slowing down the functions of your PC.

DENFEL Optimization Suite


DENFEL Optimization Suite

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